21 March 2022

        Wire Rope Lubricant Test and Analysis

TENSOLOGY recently increased their service offering in the wire rope field by opening their own in-house wire rope lubrication and corrosion testing facility.  The facility, based in Doncaster, UK, enables TENSOLOGY to verify the properties of all wire rope lubricants on the market and allows them to assist manufacturers with development of new products.

Lubricant is a key component in the manufacture and ongoing maintenance of wire ropes.  The type of lubricant used needs to be designed specifically for the particular rope application with other considerations such as environmental impact taken into account.

The large number of “wire rope lubricants” on the market can make the process of choosing the right one for each particular application a daunting task.  The move towards environmentally acceptable lubricants makes the right choice even more difficult.


The new rope lubricant test laboratory includes all equipment necessary to carry out the full suite of tests including Drop Point, Break Point, Penetration, Viscosity, Sheen and Salt Spray (ASTM B117).  The laboratory is led by Tony Forster who is a wire rope industry stalwart, having amassed over 50 years’ experience in the development and testing of wire rope lubricants.  Tony is well known in the wire rope lubricant world, previously serving as Chief Chemist in the Research and Development Department of Bridon International before leaving to set up Doncaster Analytical Services.  


The ability to fully analyse wire rope lubricants in-house, is a resource that no other UK wire rope manufacturer or wire rope service company has.  Managing Director Barrie Mordue commented “The addition of this new facility benefits both our wire rope consultancy and our wire rope site services clients.  We already carry out wire rope lubrication across most industry sectors and our people and equipment are up there with the best, however this takes us to another level.”