TENSOLOGY Technicians carry out the full range of socketing and splicing at the customer's site.


In order for a wire rope to be used it must either have a termination fitted at each end or be formed into an endless loop.  In a lot of cases, the rope is delivered to site with the end terminations already permanently attached, however in some instances the termination process has to be carried out on site.  As the safety and performance of the rope assembly is affected by the workmanship of the person carrying out the end termination, it is imperative that only qualified and experienced carry out these tasks.

Using our special tools and practicing techniques and skills honed over many years, TENSOLOGY technicians have the ability to carry out the most complex and difficult of rope termination tasks, including spelter socketing of the largest diameter ropes and endless splicing of people carrying aerial ropes.


There are many different types of end termination available across the different industry sectors and applications where wire ropes are used.   The fitting of end terminations to ropes is considered to be safety critical and as a result, the methods to be adopted are described in standards such as "BS EN 13411 - Terminations for steel wire ropes - Safety" or "BS EN 12927:2019 - Safety requirements for cableway installations designed to carry persons - Ropes".  These standards provide the necessary theoretical information to be able to make safe end connections, however special equipment and techniques are also required to successfully and consistently carry out this work in practice.

TENSOLOGY Technician re-terminating a socket on site