Magnetic Rope Testing


A one day course aimed at people involved in the inspection and examination of steel wire ropes using INTROS Magnetic Rope Testing equipment.


The course is not designed to provide training on wire rope constructions, properties, applications, other examination techniques.  It is assumed that all delegates will have some knowledge and experience of carrying out wire rope inspections in accordance with ISO 4309 or other applicable standards.  Successful completion provides the training necessary to use INTROS MRT equipment as part of an inspection or Thorough Examination. 

The course provides the delegate with knowledge of how to set up and operate INTROS Magnetic Rope Testing equipment and information on how to interpret results in relation to typical wire rope defects.

Course Content:

  • An insight into Magnetic Rope Testing Techniques
  • Basic knowledge behind the science
  • Understanding and use of the MRT equipment
  • Interpretation of the results 


Tensology Ltd, Unit 14 Bullrush Business Park, Bullrush Grove, Balby, Doncaster DN4 8SL or alternatively at client's premises.