Rope Inspection


The in-service condition of a wire rope can ONLY be established by experienced and qualified technicians. TENSOLOGY personnel are considered to be amongst the most knowledgeable and experienced in the world, relying upon decades of direct wire rope experience.

Competent Person

The definition of a "competent person" according to LOLER is “a person having such practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the equipment which is to be thoroughly examined that will enable him/her to detect defects or weaknesses which it is the purpose of the examination to discover and assess their importance to the safety of the equipment.”

Wire ropes are complex machines, manufactured in an almost limitless number of constructions and used on hundreds of different types of equipment.  A high degree of specialism is required to carry out a meaningful inspection, assess the results and advise on a course of action.

TENSOLOGY carry out wire rope inspections and rope examinations in accordance with statutory requirements across all industry sectors including crane, aerial ropeways, mining and offshore.  We use the latest tools and techniques including Magnetic Rope Testing to identify, quantify and assess the impact of any faults or areas of deterioration   All findings are presented in written condition assessment reports, including recommendations on what action should be taken in relation to future use.