Pressure Lubrication


TENSOLOGY are an approved supplier of the MASTO Wire Rope Pressure lubrication system

Proven Technology

The MASTO Wire Rope Pressure Lubrication System is the original and still the best on the market.  The system has been proven to provide internal lubrication across different rope types and diameters, including large diameter multistrand ropes.  The patented design ensures that the pressure inside the applicator is sufficient to drive out any old lubricant, contaminents and water and replace them with new lubricant. 

Product Range

Sets of equipment and seals are normally held in stock for the standard range (from 4mm to 77mm diameter).  For rope diameters above 77mm, please contact TENSOLOGY.

Model MWL 4/35 mm dia.
– there are 17 different seals for this model across the diameter range.

Model MWL 36/77 mm dia.
– there are 15 different seals for this model across the diameter range.

NB! The seals must fit tightly around the wire rope for the best results. When ordering seals, please measure the actual wire rope diameter. 

Cross section of multistrand rope after relubrication using MASTO

After being greased, the wires were split apart and we can confirm that the grease had penetrated the whole cross section of the wires.

K. Thunes
Det Norske Veritas

MASTO cleans and lubricates wire ropes internally and externally and forces out water, old lubricant and dirt in one operation.  The pressure inside the MASTO applicator is sufficient to push wire rope grease through to the inner layers of strands, expelling all existing material in the process.  

Numerous tests, witnessed by certification bodies, national authorities and customers, have been carried out to demonstrate the ability of MASTO to penetrate through the entire cross section of a range of rope constructions and diameters.