28 July 2021

        Wire ropes get some TLC

TENSOLOGY recently completed their largest order to date for the supply of INTROS Magnetic Rope Testing equipment and MASTO wire rope lubrication systems.  The equipment will enable the client to improve the level of safety and extend the service life across a wide range of ropes.

An order for a large number of INTROS and MASTO units has recently been completed by TENSOLOGY.  The units will be used by the client to prolong the safe use of ropes on all cranes across his entire site. Lifetime extension is achieved by providing TLC to the ropes. Firstly the rope is TESTED using the state of the art INTROS system.  Providing the rope remains in good condition, the rope is LUBRICATED using the patented MASTO system.  Finally the rope is issued with a report of thorough examination and CERTIFIED as safe to use.


INTROS is the leading equipment for testing the in-service condition of steel wire ropes using powerful permanent magnets and high precision sensors to check for deterioration of the rope.  The equipment uses two different type of sensor simultaneously in order to obtain a true picture of the condition of the rope.  The first sensor measures the amount of steel in the rope as it passes through the test head.  Any reduction in the steel section, caused by wear or corrosion, will be located and measured.  The second sensor detects localised deterioration and damage, caused by factors such as broken wires, internal cross-nicking and mechanical damage.  This dual capability will allow the client to monitor the condition of his ropes and more accurately predict when the ropes need to be replaced.


The MASTO system uses a patented design to force lubricant into the centre of the rope at a high pressure, whilst dispelling the old lubricant and any contaminants.  Regular relubrication has been proven to significantly increase the lifetime of crane ropes, so by using his new MASTO, the client will replace his ropes less frequently, leading to large cost savings.


The order also included a full training package for all users of the equipment.  TENSOLOGY are a LEEA Accredited Training provider and will provide full training as well as ongoing support to the client.