09 December 2019

        Socketing of 165mm diameter Locked Coil

One of the largest ropes ever produced had its end terminations fitted by specialists from TENSOLOGY. 

After manufacturing one of the largest diameter Full Locked Coil ropes ever made, the attachment of the sockets was entrusted to TENSOLOGY technicians.  The socketed assembly was required to generate 100% of the catalogue MBL of the rope so there was no margin for error and the workmanship had to be of the highest standard.  The socketing of large diameter, torsionally balanced ropes is a process which requires a high level of skill and experience and TENSOLOGY are one of the few companies in the world who possess the necessary expertise. 

The 165mm diameter rope contained in excess of 600 individual wires, each of which had to be precisely positioned inside the brush to ensure equal load sharing.  The entire socketing process was carried out  in accordance with "EN 13411-4: 2011 - Terminations for steel wire ropes. Safety. Metal and resin socketing"  with special techniques employed to cater for such a large diameter rope.

As part of the contract, TENSOLOGY also provided specialist socketing training to the manufacturer's operators.